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Wednesday 14 November


Monday 8 October

Back to Zero

Friday 7 September

Soundtrack "Verliefd of Cuba"

Monday 14 March

Optreden op 19 maart bij Cruise

Heb jij je pak al klaar hangen voor Cruise | Het Galafeest van Leeuwarden?
Wednesday 13 January

#1 in the top 40 USA!

A WORLD WITHOUT YOU 2 weeks as #1 on USA dance radio Top 40!
Tuesday 12 January


Videoclip A WORLD WITHOUT YOU with Robbie Rivera en Stonebridge
Sunday 10 January

Interview omroep Friesland

Interview op omroep Friesland TV in het programma BYNT
Monday 22 September

10 Questions for Denise Rivera

Interview for Raz Nitzan Music's youtube channel as trance vocalist
Friday 1 August

New Track on Trance Vocal Gems

The latest Release of Trance Vocal Gems includes the track For you to wake up Denise Rivera & Dennis Pederson
Thursday 1 May

Denise Rivera on Beat Port

The latest trance track releases on Beat Port
Monday 25 August

Interview on Dutch National television

De Wereld Draait Door DWDD after releasing Latin acoustic album UN NUEVO SER
Monday 30 June

Orquestra of the Royal Dutch Airforce

Performing as Special guest for the Orquestra of the Royal Dutch Airforce Breast Cancer awareness Benefit Concert.