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Zumba Classes

Denise has received most of her Zumba training from Lars Wensink, a ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) for Zumba Fitness in the Netherlands. She has also received a training class from Alain Guerra in Miami at DAF studio where Beto Perez, the founder of Zumba, still teaches classes there today. Denise has taught Masterclasses at the Reebok Club in Madrid, Spain as well as at the YMCA on Marco Island in Florida (USA).

Denise currently teaches several classes a week at My Healthclub in Leeuwarden. She has released several Zumba video's on youtube which have followers world-wide. The American TV talk show Dr. OZ even featured one of her Zumba videos on one of their shows!

Her official Zumba website page is www.denisestahlie.zumba.com

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