CD Un Nuevo Ser Denise Rivera

Un Nuevo Ser

Denise Rivera released a Latin Acoustic CD in 2008 entitled Un Nuevo Ser. It was presented on Dutch National Television on the program De Wereld Draait door DWDD and a year later it was re-released in China by Top Music (a label of Sony Music BMG)

It is available on iTunes and it still being sold in contries like The Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

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01 Mi fiesta

02 Alfonsina y el mar

03 Sube

04 Flor de lis

05 Oye

06 Un nuevo ser

07 Dame un beso

08 Si no hubiera mas dias que hoy

09 Sabor sabor

10 Dicen

11 De nuevo sin ti

12 A mi manera

13 Vaya caramba

14 Una estrella fugaz